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God Our Shepherd

Dear Redeeming Grace,

Living in America in the year 2023, I would suspect most of us are unfamiliar with what it means to tend sheep as a shepherd. And because of this, we may not marvel as fully at the wonderful reality that God is our shepherd. Caleb pointed us to this so well last week as he preached from Ezekiel 34.

We have a heavenly Father who doesn't outsource his care for us. He himself is our shepherd. Among many other things, it means he is with us, near to us, calling and leading us to places of rest, providing for our needs, protecting us from enemies and rescuing us when we go astray.

David knew this well as he reflects in Psalm 23. It is one of the most familiar passages in the Bible. It is also one that would serve us well to return to often, so that we might be reminded of God's care for us. If you find yourself wondering if God cares for you, or simply need to be reminded of the many ways he is your shepherd, let me encourage you to read Psalm 23 over this weekend. If you do, I trust you'll marvel a little deeper at God's love for you.