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The Sovereign Grace Journal

Dear Redeeming Grace,

"...what we do on Sunday morning when the church gathers is far more extraordinary, far more astonishing, than anything else we participate in." Devon Kauflin (Lead Pastor, Grace Church)

One of the many reasons we love our partnership in Sovereign Grace Churches is the mutual care and equipping we receive regularly, and in many forms. One such resource we want to make you aware of is the Sovereign Grace Journal.

The brief quote above comes from a rich, but brief article titled "The Most Important Day of the Week". In this article, Devon Kauflin reminds and encourages us about the spiritual realities and the grace of God we experience when we gather each Sunday.

Periodically we will be sharing and encouraging you to consider taking a few moments to read these articles. We believe they will serve to build you up and strengthen your faith. As we anticipate gathering together this Sunday, you might take a few minutes to read "The Most Important Day of the Week".

You can find out more about The Sovereign Grace Journal, download for free or purchase a hard copy by visiting sovereigngrace.com/journal.