The purpose of Entrust is to equip & encourage the men of Redeeming Grace Church to help one another become more like Jesus as together they study & apply Scripture, enjoy fellowship with one another, and use their gifts to serve the church. Entrust provides men with Quarterly Fellowship Events, Fall & Spring Semester Meetings, as well as opportunities to serve and grow within the various ministries of Redeeming Grace Church.

We want to entrust the gospel to the men of RGC as we seek to encourage discipleship and biblical manhood in the life of each man, though its expression will differ according to his relationships.

Our 2021 Fall Semester Meetings are Sunday mornings at 9:00 AM at the church.

  • Meeting 1: Read Your Bible, 8/22/21
  • Meeting 2: Work Hard, 9/5/21
  • Meeting 3: Benefit From Brothers, 9/19/21
  • Meeting 4: Mature In Manhood, 10/3/21
  • Meeting 5: Fight Indwelling Sin, 10/17/21
  • Meeting 6: Love The Church, 10/31/21

To download a PDF of the Entrust Fall 2021 notebook, click here.

If you have any questions or would like more information about Entrust or upcoming events/classes, please contact us.