Redeeming Grace Church is a young church, planted from Cornerstone Church of Knoxville. We held our first public meeting on October 12, 2013. We named ourselves Redeeming Grace Church because God is gracious and He is a redeemer. He extends His grace to us through the gospel of Jesus Christ, which we regularly celebrate.

Our mission statement is that we exist to exalt, enjoy, and extend the grace of God in Christ.


We praise that which captivates our hearts. As sinners saved by grace through faith in Christ, Jesus has captivated our hearts, and we now live to exalt the grace of God in him. At Redeeming Grace Church, we glory in gospel grace week after week as we gather to sing God’s praise, listen to the preaching of His word, and encounter His presence through the ministry of the Spirit, prayer, and the sacraments.


We share what we enjoy with those around us. At Redeeming Grace Church, we enjoy the grace of God and we share that grace in community with one another. We are a diverse group of people with varied backgrounds and experiences, all united together in Christ. By sharing the various gifts of the Spirit with one another, we experience the grace of God through fellowship, care, and service.


The good news of the gospel is intended to be spread. Every believer has the wonderful privilege and responsibility to share the good news of God’s saving grace in Christ. At Redeeming Grace Church, our desire is to extend the gospel of grace into our community. We are also committed to planting new churches and participating in mercy ministry.