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All of Our Tomorrows

Dear Redeeming Grace,

As we close the remaining pages on one year and open to the first pages of the next, it's helpful to reflect on God's sovereign care for us. I imagine that 2023 held for us days and seasons of both rejoicing and sorrow, celebration and sadness. And through it all, God was faithfully weaving your story with his utmost care and wisdom for what is best.

And as we anticipate a new year, we can rest in the truth that God is unchanging. That stability should give us great peace, no matter what may come our way. Because God is unchanging, he will remain faithful. He will continue to be an immovable rock for us. And we can expect his character of holiness, compassion and mercy to be steadfast.

As a way to reflect on God's care we've provided a link to a song titled All of Our Tomorrows. It's a wonderful way to meditate on God's faithfulness and trust him for the days ahead. You can find the song below.