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Believe and Speak

RGC Scripture Memory - March 2024

Dear Redeeming Grace,

This month our memory verse helps us meditate on extending the grace of God in Christ.

Among the ways we extend grace to others is to verbally share what we believe. Sometimes this takes the form of sharing your testimony, the story of God's saving work in your life, with a friend, neighbor or someone the Lord gives you opportunity to talk with.

This might look like answering questions about what it means to be a Christian, or explaining to someone the good news of forgiveness of sins through faith in Jesus' life, death and resurrection. It might mean talking about the hope you have for heaven and eternal life because you believe that Jesus was raised from the dead and promised eternal life to you.

Regardless of the shape these conversations take, at the heart is what this verse communicates; sharing the belief you have in the risen Christ.

We pray that our memorization of this verse will spur us on to share with faith what we believe as those who have been saved by grace, eagerly looking to the return of our Savior.

May God use us to extend his grace and bring himself glory.