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Enjoying True Life

Dear Redeeming Grace,

This week we begin our new sermon series titled "Ecclesiastes: Enjoying True Life", and we are eager to see how Ecclesiastes will lead us to better “enjoy the grace of God in Christ” and help others see how they lay hold of it through Jesus.

We live in a world that is quite the enigma. It’s a world that makes endless promises but rarely delivers on them. We experience this every day in the greater Nashville area. We are surrounded by the very essence of the “American dream”: wealth, success, influence, and materialism. And yet there is no absence of pain, sorrow, brokenness, and death.

Ecclesiastes offers us wisdom to see this world as it truly is apart from Jesus Christ: empty and pointless. However, the biblical wisdom of this book does not ultimately lead us to become cynics. It ultimately leads us to Jesus, where true life and true joy can truly be found.

May the Lord use this series to help us see that the elusive promises of this world are actually a preview for the eternal pleasures which God will deliver to us in the world to come.