The King Over All

Dear Redeeming Grace,

In reflecting on the sermon from Sunday, I’m thankful again for the reminder from His word that God is indeed in control, for His glory and His people’s good. The theological word, that Jon helpfully highlighted, was: Sovereign.

God is the king over all. He rules and reigns, directing all of history’s details, even the minutiae and intimately personal aspects like our individual relationships. We saw this in the ending of Acts 15 in the sharp disagreement between Barnabas and Paul over “Who” was to go along on their upcoming missionary journey. But we were reminded that the “What” of their ongoing mission, the building and strengthening of local churches in the gospel of grace, was unchanged. (Acts 1:8)

Barnabas and Paul went their separate ways, but both continued to strengthen and encourage the Christians in their spheres of influence with the news that forgiveness of sins and acceptance into the family of God was not brought about by their outward conformity to a certain lifestyle. Rather, it was initiated and completed by the grace of God in Jesus’ life, death, resurrection and ascension. And this gospel of grace has been preserved and passed down to us today. It is still the power of God for salvation to all who believe! (Romans 1:16–17)

We need the Holy Spirit to empower us with wisdom from God’s word to help discern how we are to think, speak, and act in our relationships! But isn’t it a comfort to know that as do, God continues to work in His people, along with all of creation, towards the ends of His glory and the triumph of the gospel through His church, to the praise of His glorious grace! (Ephesians 1:6)