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Who Told You?

Dear Redeeming Grace,

In each of our conversion stories, God used particular individuals to faithfully share the gospel with us. If you are a Christian, it is most likely because someone cared enough about you to share the gospel with you. And in most cases, they were ordinary Christians.

Our desire is to capture these stories of “Who Told You” to encourage and inspire Redeeming Grace Church. God uses our faithful sharing of the gospel, oftentimes in unseen ways, to accomplish His purposes on the Earth.

Would you be willing to share the story of “Who Told You?" If so, please write it out in 500 words or less. Include things like:

• Background of who you were at the time (what you thought, what you believed, how you lived)
• Share the story of the person or persons who shared the gospel with you.
• Give us details, who shared with you? (parents, family, friends, sibling, pastor, stranger, etc.)
• When you heard, how did the gospel land on you? How did you respond to it?

We want the point of emphasis to be on how God used someone sharing the gospel with you. This isn’t a traditional testimony, though you are encouraged to weave your conversion into it as the effect of God using the faithful sharing of His gospel in your life.

Close with a statement of gratitude or encouragement as to how God used the faithful sharing of the gospel.

Please email your “Who Told You” story to Dave.