Words of Comfort

Dear Redeeming Grace,

Psalm 24 opens with wonderful words of comfort for us: "The earth is the Lord's and the fullness thereof...."

I use the word "comfort" because this truth reminds us that our God not only owns, but is the caretaker of all the earth and everything in it. Everything belongs to him and his under his sovereign care, including our lives.

Our days can be filled with trouble. Our world pulses with evil and unrest at times. Our questions seemingly go unanswered.

But God is not worried or phased. He is carefully guiding the world and our lives according to his good and perfect plans. Sometimes we simply need to remember the words of the old hymn that says "This is my Father's world."

May we find our rest this week in God's abundant and able power. The One who owns the world and everything in it, gives sufficient grace for what concerns us.