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Pray and Sing

Dear Redeeming Grace, In his message last Sunday, Steve brought out the point that our circumstances don't always reflect the fruitfulness of the mission. Paul and Silas found themselves bound in the lower level of a prison, with only a handful of converts and the apparent end of their preaching and the advancement of the gospel message. If they looked only to those circu...

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Seeking Happiness

Dear Redeeming Grace, "All men seek happiness. This is without exception. Whatever different means they employ, they all tend to this end." (Penses) These words written by French philosopher, mathematician, and surprising convert to Christianity, Blaise Pascal, still ring true today. You've likely heard the phrase, "Live your best life now." Isn't that in some way what w...

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The King Over All

Dear Redeeming Grace, In reflecting on the sermon from Sunday, I'm thankful again for the reminder from His word that God is indeed in control, for His glory and His people's good. The theological word, that Jon helpfully highlighted, was: Sovereign. God is the king over all. He rules and reigns, directing all of history's details, even the minutiae and intimately persona...

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