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Archives for September 2023

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Shining the Light

Dear Redeeming Grace,Last week Dave reminded us of Jesus's words in Matthew 5 that encourage us in how to live for him. Jesus used the illustration of lighting a lamp and putting it on a stand. Then he said:"In the same way, let your light shine before others, sothatthey may see your good works andgive glory to your Father who is in heaven."(Matt. 5:16 ESV)As Christians, w...

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New Creations

Dear Redeeming Grace, In his message last Sunday, Jason reminded us that Jesus powerfully transforms idolatrous hearts. For each and every one of us who have been saved by grace through faith in Christ, this is true of us! We may not have statues on our shelves, but many things battle for the title of "greatest treasure" in our hearts. We are confronted with the first co...

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Belonging to the Lord

Dear Redeeming Grace, Last week in Acts 18 we thought about three examples of humble servants. As we looked at Paul's actions, we saw a man whose life was submitted to the Lord. He had a mindset that his life belonged fully to the Lord. This mindset is even further confirmed by what he tells the believers in his letter to the Romans. Listen to Paul's words in Romans 14:8...

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